Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a trip up north

Tarah lives in Logan and I live in Provo.  We both get separation anxiety from the lack of seeing one another on a regular basis.  Okay, that is an exaggeration, but that isn't the point, the point is that we miss each other.

This predicament is what gave me the brilliant idea to take a road trip up to Logan, and take some friends along with me.  After all, what is a road trip without anyone else to share it with?  

As it would turn out only Rachel and I would talk during the driving portion of this trip because people from Nampa are really good at sleeping in cars.  I was forced to stay awake because I drove, and Rachel claims that she can't sleep in cars, but I think that is just a cover story for her real intentions.  What could those intentions be?  Keep me awake so that we would not crash, which would consequently preserve all of our lives.

This trip to Logan also turned out to just be an excuse to eat a lot of food.  We got there on a Saturday afternoon, dropped the Nampafolk off so that they could be with their other Nampa friends and then Rachel, Tarah, Tarah's roommate Sara, and I promptly went to Angie's to have lunch.  To anyone familiar with Angie's you will know what I mean when I say we did not clean the sink.  To everyone else please find out what that means.

We went back to Tarah's for about an hour and then decided more food was necessary and went over to the Crepery.  As the name would suggest, crepes are sold here, and yes, they are both authentic and delicious.

Smiles due to the consumption of delicious crepes

After the Crepery came an excursion to this mysterious and wonderful place called the grocery store.  A large assortment of foods are sold here along with other things.  I found out that this is where people have to venture to when they don't have the Cannon Center available to prepare all of their food for them.

Obviously it had been a while since the last time I was in a grocery store, so it made the whole experience rather exciting.  I felt like I was completing a scavenger hunt as I searched for the ingredients necessary to make my spaghetti alla carbonara.  I had made this a couple of weeks prior to traveling up to Logan along with a couple of girls from my Italian class that helped me to translate the recipe (yes, the recipe was in Italian, and no, none of us are professional cooks so we had not made it before). 

The meal turned out to be a great success complete with garlic bread, salad, punch, and of course the spaghetti alla carbonara.  I know that sounds like a lot of food.  It was.  Especially because we were all still full from all of the previous food we had recently eaten, but just the same it was still delicious.

After dinner we bundled up and took a trip to a corn maze and met up with all of the Nampafolk.  Let me just begin by saying how much I detest being scared, so why I would pay money to do so I am still not sure.  With the help of my friends and the use of logic I was able to smoothly go through the experience without being too scarred.  My friends allowed me to cling to them, and I used my logic to essentially give commentary on our experience.  I could be a great narrator.

To continue with the eating trend we went back to the grocery store (I hadn't been for months and the I went twice on the same day!) and bought some ice cream toppings.  Basically ice cream and conversation finished out the night.  It was fantastic.

The next day we bid our friends farewell until we could see them at Thanksgiving and headed back down to Provo.  Rachel and I talked, the others slept (no surprise there).  It was a great drive to top off a great weekend, and hopefully I will be able to go back sometime soon.

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