Friday, November 25, 2011

gluttony at its finest

Thanksgiving break.  Those two words represent my first days off of school since Labor Day, and I spent at home in Salt Lake with my family.

What did I do during these few days off?  Sleep, watch movies, and of course eat a lot of food: turkey, stuffing, rolls, carrots, fruit salad, pie, sweet potatoes, and twice baked potatoes.

So, in the Taylor family there are a few traditions that are attached with Thanksgiving.

  1. Have a turkey that no one really wants but feels the need to have
  2. Have twice baked potatoes as opposed to mashed
  3. Watch Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Thank you Steve Martin and John Candy for giving us a witty movie to watch to go along with the delicious potatoes and rather bland turkey.

Del: You know you nearly killed me slugging me in the gut when I wasn't ready!  That's how Houdini died you know!

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