Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a countdown to halloween

Most people have calendars that countdown to days until Christmas.  My roommate and I broke away from this traditional idea and instead had a countdown to Halloween.

My mom made this a few years back and I have to say it is my favorite Halloween decoration year in and year out.  I thank Kevin for giving it up this year and letting my roommate, Hannah, and I have it instead.  We greatly appreciated it.

We would trade off even and odd days, she got evens and I got odds.  Every other day offered a new surprise, and it made October go by a lot faster than it could have.  When Halloween arrived it seemed as if October hadn't even happen, it went by so quickly.

I reverted back to my age old costume of dressing up like I am from the 50s, and then made Rachel do the same.  To me the 50s represents the golden age of fashion, and I love to dress up like I am from then, and I don't just do it on Halloween.  Halloween is just an excuse to dress however I want without anyone thinking twice about it.  I love Halloween.

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