Saturday, January 14, 2012

dale's culinary creations

My father loves experimenting, and it doesn't matter what his tools of experimentation are.  He's an engineer, so I think that pretty much explains why he loves it so much all by itself.

From these experimentations were born some delicious things, and some disgusting things (the Bog Monster for instance, a drink of a sickly brown color that tasted just about as good as it looked).  He has agreed to let me present the recipes to you, and I have decided only the successful ones shall be presented.  Enjoy!

Recipe for the Maverik:
  • Orange juice
  • Squirt
Fill a glass halfway with Squirt, and then fill the other half with orange juice.  Will make one per glass.

Now there is some debate on the ratio of these two drinks, but according to the creator of the drink himself, that is the correct ratio.

Over the holiday break, the Orange Slider was created.  What is the Orange Slider?  Let me tell you!

Recipe for the Orange Slider:
  • Oranges sliced
  • Whipped Cream
Take an orange slice and cover both sides of it with whipped cream.  Will make about six per orange.

Basically, the Orange Slider is taking something that was once healthy and making it very unhealthy.  Excellent.

Warning: The Orange Slider tends to be a bit difficult to eat, as Michelle demonstrates so well.

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