Sunday, October 9, 2011

smurfs live in cougarville

The homecoming game.  It is played only once a year, and it sure feels great when it is won.  One thing that can make this feeling better?  Knowing that you are one of the best fans in the stadium.

Face paint.  This is your ticket to knowing that you are one of the best fans.  Granted, the other fans will probably give you looks that range from obvious envy to a look that clearly shows that they believe you are crazy.  Hannah and I definitely got to experience having these looks directed to us, and it is pretty obvious why we did.

Yes, we looked like smurfs.  I am completely aware of this observation, and I am even more aware of how awesome we look.  

Thankfully the cougars won the game, so it was worth staying at the stadium until 11:15 at night.  Even if a win against San Jose isn't very impressive and the second half of the game wasn't very exciting, I'm still very appreciative for a win.  This way I got the chance to leave the stadium looking great and with an exceptional attitude.  So, thank you BYU football for being victorious.

No, smurfs do not actually live at BYU.  Except on game days, when they do.


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