Saturday, March 17, 2012

you had best be wearing green

The one day a year where we get to cause pain to others because they have forgotten to wear a specific color that day.  Wonderful.  So with that said, I most certainly did not forget to wear green.

I loved St. Patrick's day when I was little because my parents, I mean "leprechaun", would come to our house and give us stuff that was colored green so long as we could solve the scavenger hunt.  I'll admit, there were a couple of years where we might not have found the treasure if it hadn't been for sheer luck.  But now that all of us are grown up, our celebration of St. Patrick's day only includes wearing green and maybe eating a bowl of Lucky Charms.  I guess that isn't so bad, after all, green is a great color and that cereal is magically delicious!

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