Thursday, December 8, 2011


They can be found in children's books about girls named Alice, or perhaps during the winter and you sing about walking around in them, and there are even miniature ones, specifically the one in Hamburg, Germany.  What are these places?  They are lands of wonders or marvels.  Or more simply, wonderlands.

Now I know that this video is close to five whole minutes, which in YouTube time is closer to a century, but I highly suggest that you watch it to the end.

It was worth those five minutes of your life wasn't it?  You also want to go see it in person now, don't you?  Ya, I thought so.

So before you go Googling the Wunderland to learn more about it, let me make your life easier by presenting you with some facts.

At the completion of the project in 2020:

  • Model area: 2,300 sq. meters
  • Computers involved: 64
  • Longest train: 14.51 meters
  • Track length: 20,000 meters
  • Work hours: 850,000
  • Workers: 250
  • Construction cost: 15,000,000 euros 

From the technology involved to make the Wunderland possible to the attention to detail, this little wonder-world truly is a marvel.

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