Tuesday, December 27, 2011

a full priced movie that's worth it

"Finally, a movie I can see where when I walk out of it I will be happy about paying money to see it at full price."  This is what I thought to myself once I found out that there about Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.  This is a movie that has risen above the bad movie phenomenon, and that if I recommend it to others, I don't feel bad about doing so.

This is why you should see this movie:
  1. It has a storyline that is worth watching
  2. It is an action-packed adventure that is fun the entire way through
  3. It has Tom Cruise
There are just three reasons why you should go see this movie, and if you do go and see it I'm sure you will think of more.  So get away from the house for a while and treat yourself to this film.  It's fantastic.

To understand this poster go and see the movie.  Also, do yourself a favor by seeing it in the IMAX.

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