Monday, July 16, 2012

oh, hey there texas

For my birthday I was given the opportunity to fly down to Texas for a weekend so that I could see Katie.  We did all sorts of Texan things like eat Tex-Mex, go to the rodeo, and go to six flags.  Here are some statistics of my trip.
  •  That's so true stories looked at: 157
  • Rides ridden: 10
  • TV show episodes watched: 3
  • Hours of sleep gotten: 16.5
  • Texas flags spotted: 137

Katie and I visited the Nasher Sculpture Museum in Dallas where they had this awesome woven sculpture that you could walk on, so long as you wore those stylish booties.  Katie and I were just as excited to walk on it as the five year olds were.  

If you're planning a trip to Fort Worth anytime I would suggest going to Joe T. Garcia's Mexican Restaurant for some delicious Mexican food.  Be warned, however, the portion sizes are huge (it would seem that everything is bigger in Texas), about three people could share one thing of fajitas.

Fun fact: the Cowtown Coliseum is where the first rodeo was held and where bull riding first became a competitive sport.  The rodeo was awesome.  Thaddeus is also awesome.

Six Flags day was awesome because Six Flags is legit.  I mean, what isn't awesome about almost passing out several times on a roller coaster?

It's bigger on the inside.

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