Friday, June 22, 2012

getting paid to read? ya, i'll take that job any day.

Silicon carbide is really hard.  As in REALLY hard.  As in it is used in car brakes and bulletproof vests.  So when I was told to grind and polish a piece of silicon carbide I wasn't exactly what you would call thrilled at the prospect.  I knew hours upon hours would be spent doing this.  I was not incorrect.  Four full work days were spent on this arduous task.

Typically at work I'm in several different places in a given week, but this week I sat in one just one lab in just one chair with just one piece of silicon carbide.  All I would do is place my hand on top of the silicon carbide and then place it on top of the grinding wheel, and then stay there for the rest of the day. Pretty soon I began to get questions and comments such as these:

  • You're STILL grinding that silicon carbide?
  • Your silicon carbide missed you when you left for lunch.
  • Do you EVER move??
Soon I learned that if I didn't bring something to work with me to keep me distracted I would probably fall asleep.  So what did I do?  I began to bring books to work and then read them as I ground my silicon carbide day after day.  So, yes, those days of work when I didn't bring a book to read will most likely remain forever as the most boring work days of my entire life.  And after this miserable silicon carbide experience, I do have some advice.  If you are required to grind silicon carbide for days on end bring a book with you to keep you distracted.  Because, after all, who doesn't like getting paid to read??